Asian American Escort LA

My hometown taught me to celebrate the sun, and the cozy values of a bustling California town. I was fortunate enough to have a meticulously organized education, and studied classical piano over a 10-year career. One of my favorite pastimes was stowing away at the library, luxuriating in hours of reading. Books were an express ticket to incredible lands, a thousand timelines, and the minds of fantastic men and women. Awakening to the fictional and factual universe of human experience made me a lover of empathy and being restless. In reading, there’s so much belonging, resonance, and connection—feelings that still inspire my energy today.

After finishing my degree from a UC, I settled in Los Angeles. I now work as a companion, write, and work on creative projects. I’ll always remain a student of the world. I live for spine-tingling music, and love to indulge in a good read on a Sunday morning. Sometimes I’m trying out a new workout, and other days I’m checking out new art, music, or food venues with friends. A few times a year, I enjoy travel domestically and internationally.

My innocence belies a playful, intelligent nature. Though I may look young, I’m at peace, emboldened to be myself. The intoxicating scent at my neck, and hidden grasping place at the small of my back will draw you in. I indulge lavishly in kindness and play. I seek to surround myself with those who can stoke my passion for life. Conversations are a practice in listening and extending a real, intimate consideration for the other person. In an increasingly busy and complex age, it can be hard to find the right connection. I’m well-attuned to the special dynamic that calls for companionship. My physical presence will alight your senses, and my soft, affectionate nature will resonate with you. I serve an experience that is sweet, subjective and sensual. When you’re ready, just say the word.


Age: 22
Height: 5’4”
Bust: 32D
Hair: Black
Shoe size: 6.5
Dress Size: 0/2, XS/S

Asian American Escort LA

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